The Keys to Success

The keys to success are often disguised by a college degree or being well dressed but if you actually stop and consider, The keys to success belong in the hands of the one who’s not a quitter. Everyday, they’re committed to the task, they stay focused and give their best without being asked. They enter … Continue reading The Keys to Success

Haribo Heaven

A beautiful rainbow colored world glistening with an array of colorful candies from floor to ceiling, tantalizing your tastebuds and fulfilling your childhood fantasies. Everywhere you look you’ll find something sweet and delicious calling your name. No, I wasn’t wearing rose tinted glasses, I was entering the Hairibo store in Bonn, Germany, also known by … Continue reading Haribo Heaven

Beethoven in Bonn

In Bonn, Germany there are many lovely sights to see. One of my favorite by far is the Beethoven-Hauss. It is the birthplace of Beethoven and now preserved as a museum and historical sight. Although I would say that I’m fully acquainted with Beethoven’s music, this was a side to him that I’d yet to … Continue reading Beethoven in Bonn