Vanishing Candied Almonds

All natural almonds with a crunchy and sweet coating, baked to perfection!  These candied almonds are called “vanishing” for a reason. Quite simply because they vanish. Whether you make them for yourself or if you make them for gift giving, one thing is for sure, these almonds will vanish. They are such a delicious gourmet … Continue reading Vanishing Candied Almonds

Get Local, Get in Season

A fresh look on cooking with sustainability and a budget! Every season has a unique range of fresh produce to offer depending upon where you live in the world. Although it’s wintertime in the Mediterranean region of the world, there’s still a plethora of delicious, affordable and seasonal produce available at the grocery stores and … Continue reading Get Local, Get in Season


Şiveydiz, pronounced “she-vey-diz,” is a beautiful Turkish soup. Creamy from fresh yogurt that’s blended into the soup it makes for a flavorful meal. Creating this soup is like creating a work of art. All of the ingredients are perfectly crafted together to form a delicious blend of flavors. And of course, it is stunning to … Continue reading Şiveydiz

Sehriyeli Bulgur Pilavi (Turkish Rice Pilaf with Bulgur)

This dish combines the best of both worlds. The delicious elements of a classic pilaf meet the nutritious and fluffy bulgur to form a main course or side item to compliment any meal. Vermicelli, the type that is already broken into smaller pieces, is what gives this pilaf such an irresistibly delicious texture. With one … Continue reading Sehriyeli Bulgur Pilavi (Turkish Rice Pilaf with Bulgur)