German Meatballs in a White Caper Dijon Sauce (Königsberger Klopse or Kochklopse)

     Tender & flavorful German meatballs, boiled in a seasoned broth and doused in a delicious dijon mustard and caper white sauce. Paired with boiled potatoes, this is one of my favorite German comfort food dishes.  I love that there are so many practical and yet delicious recipes in German cooking. The more I … Continue reading German Meatballs in a White Caper Dijon Sauce (Königsberger Klopse or Kochklopse)


via Daily Prompt: Broken Broken By EE Winkler When you are broken you are at your best still alive, you have withstood the test humbled completely and compassionate are breathed out from your brokenness When you are broken the world is not as it seems your lens is tainted based on what you see and … Continue reading Broken


Dry by EE Winkler Beware of what seems barren, empty and dry don’t count it off as dead when from there He can breathe life from the dust we were made out of nothing we see and from the dust He still makes beautiful things. Don’t be disturbed when your heart shatters for only broken … Continue reading Dry


Affliction by EE Winkler Don’t get caught up in momentary woes afflictions and trials they come and go they have the power to shape our lives for the good but only if we respond to them as we should Some they blame affliction for their hate and it gives them a platform for their complaints … Continue reading Affliction