via Daily Prompt: Broken Broken By EE Winkler When you are broken you are at your best still alive, you have withstood the test humbled completely and compassionate are breathed out from your brokenness When you are broken the world is not as it seems your lens is tainted based on what you see and … Continue reading Broken


Dry by EE Winkler Beware of what seems barren, empty and dry don’t count it off as dead when from there He can breathe life from the dust we were made out of nothing we see and from the dust He still makes beautiful things. Don’t be disturbed when your heart shatters for only broken … Continue reading Dry


Affliction by EE Winkler Don’t get caught up in momentary woes afflictions and trials they come and go they have the power to shape our lives for the good but only if we respond to them as we should Some they blame affliction for their hate and it gives them a platform for their complaints … Continue reading Affliction


via Daily Prompt: Thin Thin by EE Winkler      She looked in the mirror and said “I wish I was thin,” “then I could be normal like my friend Jen I wouldn’t be picked on about my size and maybe more people would know I am alive      If I were thin I … Continue reading Thin

Life Without Laughter?

via Daily Prompt: Laughter Life Without Laughter? by EE Winkler A life without laughter is not really a life but simply an existence in the world does one abide laughter is the medicine to our souls to provide some relief in the midst of troubles and woes A life without laughter is not really a … Continue reading Life Without Laughter?


via Daily Prompt: Rivulet Rivulets by EE Winkler I was walking in darkness I could not see until I was awakened to His truth about what He has done for me It was a day that I won’t forget He was knocking on my heart and I let Him in He poured out His love … Continue reading Rivulets

Parallel Lives

via Daily Prompt: Parallel   Parallel Lives by EE Winkler We were walking parallel lives but from two different parts of the globe in time each traveling round on roads unknown to learn about life outside of our home while others around us stayed in their comfort zone we destined out to unafraid and alone … Continue reading Parallel Lives

Daily Prompt: Fret

via Daily Prompt: Fret Why Fret? by EE Winkler Why fret and worry your life away? when one worry will not gain you an extra day we only must live this life to the full and make the most of every moment to do good Why fret and worry your life away? it does no … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Fret

Daily Prompt: Song

via Daily Prompt: Song A Song for You by EE Winkler She wakes up in the morning tosses and turns while she rubs her eyes The sun is shining on her face through the window pane so bright There’s no telling what this day will bring but she awakes with a smile in the presence … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Song

Never Again

An original poem inspired by #NeverAgain  Never Again  by EE Winkler Now ain’t the time to stay seated we’re rising up… Now ain’t the time to stay silent we’ve had enough Haven’t enough lives been lost Isn’t it time we count the cost If we really want to live a life that matters Then we … Continue reading Never Again

I’m Speaking for Her (a poem inspired by International Women’s Day 2018)

Although one day is designated to celebrate International Women’s Day, this is something we can choose to see, embrace, support and celebrate every single day of the year. I wrote this poem on International Women’s Day 2018. I am inspired by the movement of so many women who have come before me and paved the … Continue reading I’m Speaking for Her (a poem inspired by International Women’s Day 2018)

Choose Love

“Love is a choice. Beyond feelings, beyond a moment in time, it’s a daily deliberate decision to choose to love.  But in order to be able to love like this, you must first know how much you are already loved by Him.”  -EE Winkler Choose Love An original poem by EE Winkler Choose Love when … Continue reading Choose Love

The Vine

An original poem inspired by John 15       The Vine The Vine called out to me the branch… whatever you do, just don’t let go I love you more than you could ever know you don’t have to fret and fear just look by your side and you’ll see I’m near I make … Continue reading The Vine